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God Doesn't Need You in Heaven: Read This Book So That Satan Can't Cut Your Life Short.

There is a Very Important Reason I Wrote This Book...

✅ I believe that Heaven is filled with Christians who went before it was their time, leaving behind unfinished assignments, missions and good works...

✅ This book will show you how to prevent that from happening to you and your loved ones.
Did you know that there are no scriptures that say, "You are not promised tomorrow?" Yet, most of us have belief systems built around that notion.

Did you know that there are over 40 scriptures that directly or indirectly tell us that God's desire for us is a long, healthy, full and satisfying life? Knowing these scripture promises will keep Satan from taking you out early.

Did you know there are 20+ scriptures that tell us exactly what to do in order to lengthen our lives, lengthen our days, or enjoy a long, full life? Deploy these scripture promises and live out your full time down here and enjoy it too!

For generations we've been incorrectly taught that "You never know when you're going to go" and that "each day could be your last" - That God could just call you or your loved ones home at any minute...This leaves us with an incorrect view of our loving Father God. It changes our perspective and our expectancy regarding life and His love for us.

This book contains "case studies" and stories of Christians who went before their time - and exactly why it happened. As well as stories of Christians who prevented premature death and what they did scripturally to achieve that.

This book is definitely different than what you've heard in the past - but if you'll be open to the scriptures, if you'll take God at His word and choose to believe the scripture promises - I believe you and your family will live out all their days here on the earth. Lives filled with joy, health, abundance and purpose. A life truly worth living!
"God Doesn't Need You in Heaven" is your guide to understanding and activating the Biblical promises of health, long life, and prosperity that God has made available for His children.

Book Review: "God Doesn't Need You in Heaven: Read This Book So That Satan Can't Cut Your Life Short" by Travis Lee Peters

Travis Lee Peters' new book, "God Doesn't Need You in Heaven," challenges conventional Christian beliefs about life, death, and God's will. Through a careful examination of scripture, Peters argues against the widely held notion that God arbitrarily takes His followers to heaven or uses illness and tragedy as tools for divine purpose. Instead, Peters presents a biblical case for living a long, fulfilling life, free from the premature cut-short scenarios often attributed to God's "sovereignty."

In a conversational yet authoritative tone, Peters debunks misconceptions about God's role in life’s tragedies and emphasizes that is Satan’s deceptive influence. He asserts that many Christians misinterpret God's sovereignty, mistakenly attributing harmful events to His will. Peters backs his arguments with dozens and dozens of scripture references, encouraging readers to adopt a faith-based, rather than fear-based, approach to their relationship with God.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including the misinterpretation of the term "sovereignty," the importance of understanding God’s true nature, and the biblical promises of protection and long life. Peters also provides practical steps for resisting Satan's influence and living out one's divine purpose on earth.

Overall, "God Doesn't Need You in Heaven" is a thought-provoking read that aims to realign Christian beliefs with scriptural truths, offering hope and clarity to those struggling with fear and misunderstanding about life and death. Peters’ work is a compelling call to embrace a life of faith, longevity, and divine purpose, free from the distortions of fear and false doctrine.

Click below and order a copy or two (or three) for your friends, family or small group. 

Let's teach each other what God really said about living out a long, full, satisfying life down here on earth...

Your entire family line just may benefit from you reading and implementing this one book.

Launch Bonus: After you order your physical copies, email me a screenshot of your receipt at and I'll send you a Bonus one hour deep-dive video I made going through this book with additional lessons, commentary, stories and content!

Kingdom Money Mastery: "Activate God's Promise for Increase and Escape the Budgeted Life."
(If you're only going to order one book, I'd get this one first)

Read and Implement This Book & You Will:

  • Have a full understanding of God's Promise for Financial Increase and be able to activate in your life. (So you can eliminate financial worry!)
  • Know exactly how to implement your "Power to Get Wealth" as promised in Deuteronomy 8:18.
  • Set up a simple income stream that you can use to get ahead financially (Even if you're not entrepreneurial and don't have a business background)
  • Set up simple investments that will pay you now, later and forever. (Even if you don't have much to start with)
  • ​How to ESCAPE the budgeted life! Every other coach wants to put you into a budget, I'm the only one who will show you how to get out of one! (Life is way more fun this way)
  • Kingdom Money Mastery makes great small group curriculum to take a group of Believers through.

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Never had to Worry About Money Again?

I wrote this book because the only financial advice given to Christians is: "Stop buying lattes, don't eat out, downsize to an apartment, don't buy new cars, cut everything that's not a necessity, decrease your life, live small now and maybe one day you can retire comfortably."

But I've got good news - there's another way. A better way. The Increase way. And as I'm sure you've realized by now, the "decrease" path doesn't end in wealth. It ends in "average." And if you're okay with that, then this book isn't for you. You probably shouldn't buy it.

However, if you'd like to learn the exact steps on how to get ahead financially, crush your debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck so you can escape the "budgeted life," then you're in the right spot. 

I believe that as Christians, we have The Divine Financial Advantage and that God wants us to absolutely dominate our financial realm so that we can further the Kingdom and do all the big things He has called us to do. 

In this book I’ll show you how to increase financially, be radically generous and enjoy the best this life has to offer. All without becoming greedy, selfish or compromising your moral beliefs along the way.

If you're interested in living a life where money no longer concerns you and want to tap into your Divine Financial Advantage, then buy this book, follow the steps, and change your family tree forever. 

I'll see you on the inside.

-Travis Lee Peters
"For me, money has always caused me a lot of worry and anxiety. I used to lose sleep over it, fight with my husband about it, worry about not having enough. Travis showed us over and over again in the Word where God promises to be our Provider and that we would never lack. Once I learned that Promise, Travis was able to show us how to actually make it active in our lives. And that was the part we were missing. I don't worry about it any more and God has shown up countless times as our Provider. The peace of mind I now have around money is something I never thought I'd be able to have. Thank you Travis!"
"I never resonated with the whole, 'cut expenses like crazy, live like a broke person, don't spend any money' mentality that other teachers/preachers seem to have. Travis' approach is MY TYPE OF APPROACH. He wants you to increase, never decrease, move forward, never backward. He knows what the Bible says and backs all of his teaching up in scriptures. I've honestly never heard or seen anything like it. My wife and I began implementing Travis' frameworks and strategies and our money, business, marriage and overall happiness has hit 2-3 new levels. Buy his books, take his courses and do what he says. You won't regret it." 

Increase Principles: "21 Unusual Strategies for Breaking Hidden Poverty Mindsets"

Read and Implement This Book & You Will:

  • Unlock your "next level" of financial increase and abundance by locating and eliminating the hidden poverty mindsets most Christians have that are keeping them poor, broke and average. (Without even realizing it)
  • Begin to build BIG FAITH to do the big things God has called you to do. (No more mediocre results in life!)
  • Take actual, practical steps that rewire and reprogram our spirits to receive the abundant, increase life God has made available to us.
  • Learn how to think like a Kingdom Millionaire so that you can get the same results.

Use This Book to Transform Your Money Mindset & Unlock Your Next Financial Level.

Ready for something different? Read this book if you're a Christian who:
Is not satisfied with where they are financially and you're ready to elevate to new levels.

✅  Wants to break the spirit of cheapness off their life.

✅  Knows that God wants you to prosper in your money, but it hasn't happened for you yet.

✅  Truly wants to get ahead but doesn't want to live the "budgeted life." 

✅  Wants to unlock the "Kingdom Millionaire's mindset" without compromising your faith.

✅ You want to live financially care-free and never worry or stress about money again. 

✅ You want to be able to give more generously and help more people than you ever thought possible.

✅ You're not afraid to increase your income, influence and impact for God's Kingdom.

✅ You want to be able to teach and train other Christians how to get these results too.
This book will show you how to think like a Kingdom Millionaire and tap into your Divine Financial Advantage. Simply read and implement one lesson per day to achieve your financial breakthrough.
“I grew up in a household where I was taught that being wealthy was bad. We always associated being rich with being greedy. I didn't realize I was doing that until I went through Travis' training materials. I had old poverty strongholds that had to be uncovered and rebuilt. Travis showed me how to do that and now I'm beginning to experience the financial increase that God has made available to me!"

God, Men & Money

Win the War with Finances.

Men, Read and Implement This Book So You Will:

  • Know how to be the provider for our families without carrying the crushing mountain of stress and pressure that usually comes with that.
  • A simple financial strategy that will make increase "automatic" in your bank accounts. (Even if you don't like budgets and "aren't good with money.")
  • Be able to structure your financial situation with your wife in a way that will eliminate fights and help everyone get on the same page and work together with one vision in mind. (This alone is worth the price of the book!)
  • Be "recession proof" by understanding God's Kingdom Finance principles and knowing how to stop the enemy when he comes after our faith, finances and family. 
  • God, Men & Money makes for GREAT small group curriculum.

Men. I See You...

Heavy is the head that wears the crown...

As men, through no choice of our own, have been “gifted” this weight, this potentially soul-crushing pressure, this larger than life burden to carry... 

The responsibility of being the financial provider for our families has been known to crush even the strongest of souls...

But I want you to know, I see you. 

Even if no one else knows what you’re going through... 

I do.

Even if no one ever hears about the trials you’ve endured, the desperate financial decisions you’ve had to make, the feeling of hopelessness you’ve pushed through…

The long hours you’ve worked, the crappy, humiliating, overworked and underpaid jobs you’ve put up with, the mental, spiritual and emotional battles you’ve fought...   

Stomaching the constant, internal conflict of putting in more hours so that your family can have a better life than you did... 

...But then feeling guilty for missing out on life’s precious, irreplaceable moments all in the name of being a "good man."

Day in and day out you soldier on, fighting this exhausting battle, no complaining, no whining, you show up for the sake of your wife and kids.

I want you to know, I see you. 

The simple strategy I've outlined for you in this book will set you free mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes - financially.

It's time you win the war with finances once and for all.

I'll see you on the inside. 

-Travis Lee Peters

"There's a ton of financial pressure that comes with being a husband. The financial provider, the head of the household, the spiritual leader...If we're not careful we can let it get to us and that feeling can be crushing. In this book Travis shows how to actually see the financial promises for provision come to pass in our lives. It's not just theory, it's the actual steps. This book has radically improved my financial situation, but I'm also closer to God than ever before and our marriage has never been better. This book will change the way you see money, and your results, forever.

Rich From Day One: "8 Money Secrets from the Bible That Will Make You Wealthier Than Your Parents"

Wouldn't it be great if our kids could skip all the financial troubles, headaches and heartaches we went through? What if they could just operate in God's success principles from the start?

Have Your Kids Read and Implement This Book So They Will:

  • NEVER have a financial issue. Seriously. If your kid follows the Bible based steps in this book they will have financial abundance their entire lives. It makes losing impossible...
  • Operate in the Kingdom (AKA God's Economic System) from day one and will never have to follow the world's broken financial system. 
  • They'll develop an abundance mindset and learn about the benefits of tithing, giving, sowing and reaping as well.
  • Be set up for success: If your kids truly do read and implement these strategies they will be wealthy.
  • ​They'll learn how money ACTUALLY flows, how to make it and how to multiply it as well as the good money habits we should have had, but didn't...
  • ​Rich From Day One is great for kids, homeschoolers, Christian schools and youth groups.

The Young Person's Shortcut to Becoming Wealthy Now & Forever...

What if I told you that everything you were being taught about school, college, money and success was all wrong? 

What if I told you that the path you're on won't lead you to the success that you think it will? 

The problem is that schools and colleges aren't teaching you how to become wealthy, fulfilled and successful. Why? Because they themselves never actually learned how...

...But what if I told you that you could get on the path to becoming wealthy, successful and fulfilled now, while still in your teens?

This book contains everything I wish someone wealthy would have taught me when I was a teenager. I'm going to show you what actually matters and what really works. (It's kinda like a wealthy person from the future giving you a shortcut.)

Inside this guidebook you'll find eight financial "secrets" from the Bible that, if followed, will make you rich from day one.

Inside You'll Discover:

✔ Why the traditional path of getting good grades, going to college and trying to get a "good job" will never make you rich. (And what you need to do instead.)

How to make and multiply your money like the wealthy so that you don't have to spend the majority of your life working to "earn a living" and can focus on what God has called you to do.

✔ How to set your finances up for success now while you're young, so that you will never get into financial trouble later.

How to activate God's promise for Increase in your life so that your money is blessed, your future is secure and you can use your wealth to make a Kingdom impact.

Each "secret" is broken up into a bite-size lesson and comes with a QR code you can scan to watch a short video clip that will help you get deeper understanding and accelerate your results.

Grab a copy (or two!) of this unique, multimedia book today and I'll show you money secrets from the Bible that will make you wealthier than your parents.

See you on the inside.

-Travis Lee Peters
“My kids love this book! (And so do I!) This book teaches the Kingdom Finance principles to our kids that I didn't learn until I was almost 40. The simple strategies that Travis teaches, if followed, will not only prevent the next generation of Christians from getting into financial trouble, but will also show them how to thrive and build wealth before they're out of high school. We HIGHLY recommend this book for anyone with kids around the age of 10 and up. We actually take our kids through this book as part of their homeschool curriculum. Each chapter has questions for them to answer as well as a QR code that takes them to a video lesson as well!"

How to Believe God for a New House:

7 Steps to Activating Your Faith for Your Next House

Read & Implement This Book So You Will:

  • Activate your faith: Learn how to pray with faith in a way that moves mountains and brings the "desires of your heart" to pass.
  • Eliminate small, poverty thinking and know how to walk in the "Royalty" that God made you to be.
  • Know what to do, say, pray and believe to bring to pass whatever BIG THING God has put on your heart to believe Him for.
  • ​Keep this small handbook with you to continually build your faith on the go.

It's Time to Get Your New (or Next) House!

In this book you will learn step by step how to activate your faith and believe God for your next home. (Or property, land, vehicle, or whatever big thing God has put on your heart.)

Whether you're currently bursting at the seams, in dire need of an upgrade, or perhaps you're just ready to get into your dream home, this book will give you the exact steps and Bible-based strategies you need to deploy your faith and get the job done. 

Isaiah 54:2 tells us, “Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense!"

Implement the steps in this book to tap into those promises of God and experience increase for you, your family and everyone else that will be blessed by your new home.

I'll see you on the inside.

P.S. The faith principles you learn in this book will be useful for the rest of your life. Get ahold of them today.

-Travis Lee Peters

“I like how specific this book is. Travis uses scriptures and practical faith building steps that will help you laser focus your faith on getting the home you desire. He tells his personal story which is full of hope and inspiration and will challenge you to believe God for bigger things. The Bible promises that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart. The problem is we often let the enemy talk us out of those things. NOT. ANY. MORE. Grab this book if you'want to believe God for something big in your life."

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